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Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is More Than Just a Fitness Program

When people begin looking into fitness programs like martial arts classes, they're often concerned with how many calories it burns and how fast their strength and appearance will change. Yes, it's true, martial arts WILL help you melt fat and burn calories. But those who become intrigued by martial arts often discover something more. After just a few classes, people notice that the positive changes they are experiencing extend to more than just the physical. Martial arts classes sculpt the body and also impart flexibility to both the limbs and the mind. No matter what your fitness goals may be, martial arts classes will take you to a deeper level of well-being than any other activity.

Functional Fitness That Starts at the Core

You may be considering martial arts classes for a host of reasons. No matter what your motivation for starting training, the strikes, quick movements, and graceful balancing achieved in martial arts classes will empower you to move through life with agility that comes from your core while giving you the sleek appearance of a warrior.

The core of the body is our Powerhouse. It includes the muscles of the lower back, abdomen, and paraspinals. The kicks, lunges, and pivoting motions of martial arts work these muscles more thoroughly and elegantly than any other exercise. Strengthening the core does more than create body lines; it prevents injury to the spine. Martial arts is true functional fitness no matter whether you're in your pre-teens or near your golden years.

No matter what your fitness level, our instructors will get to know you and your goals. We are dedicated to helping you get to where you want to be. The advantage of martial arts is that we focus on functional training. We strengthen the body according to how it's meant to move. In doing so, we can tap into the true power of the human body.

Martial Arts Classes for the Art of Living

Once you start martial arts classes, they become addictive. Students from their teens to their sixties get hooked on the tremendous sense of empowerment they get from their martial arts classes. No matter what a person's size, knowing how to defend oneself allow them to tackle life with greater confidence and resolve. The intense focus attained from practice tends to bubble over into work life, studies, and students' general approach to life. With this confidence and focus, shy individuals find it easier to interact with the world around them, and most importantly, to enjoy it more fully. The aura of sharpened awareness and self-assurance that martial artists project can be credited as the best self-defense of all.

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